At the domestic market, only a few provide consecutive complex services which include the preparation of grant applications, project management, creation of a research and development strategy and drawing up of the tax allowances closely linked thereto as well as the tracking of use.

Service provider, IT and industrial enterprises alike can turn to the experts of Via Credit.

Our services

Hungarian and EU Calls consultancy, project management

For our partners, we explore the current and relevant domestic and EU calls and funding opportunities. We examine the main parameters of the grant scheme and how they fit to the enterprise’s development goals. In addition to identifying the development opportunities, we make suggestions for the professional content, the structure of the costs and the schedule of the funds. After a positive funding decision is made, we assist in the conclusion of the funding contract. During the implementation of the investment, we participate in the call of funds as well as in the performance of tasks related to the transfer of the arising needs for technical or financial modifications by providing project management services.

Grant and tax allowances claimable for research and development and energy investments

There are fewer enterprises to use corporate R&D allowances than would be actually able to. We help them make a better use of the financial opportunities provided by the innovation thanks to the tax allowances and funding opportunities. We claim and win research and development aid for our clients. Our work includes the acquisition of the legally binging certificates and official orders for claiming the tax allowances related to research and development, carrying out project management tasks of funded research and development projects, and the management and account of projects receiving research and development tax allowances.


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